I am Ana Jorge (you can call me coach AnnaJo) , a work-life balance coach working with women who want to have it all and live a vibrant life. This means so many times exploring a new possibilities and embracing a new identity.

I am a mom of 2 children, 17yo boy and a 6yo girl. I am from Portugal and have lived in the US for eight years in NJ.
After working for 18 years in the corporate world, in different European countries, and now in the US, I went through constant change, adapting constantly, but always ending with being stuck in a hamster wheel of life. I was not living aligned with my values and trying to please everybody except me.
In 2019, I took a life coach certification and started my coaching business, and instead of blaming others for my lack of work-life balance, I built a program called Work-Life Harmony to live my life on my terms.
You can find me in NYC on Fridays. It's my disruptor of the week and having some ME time, either working, connecting with others, or simply walking around the streets to feel the vibrancy of the City.
If you stop by in NYC on a Friday, stop by and say Hi.

It is possible to live a life you want.

Ready to tackle the obstacles standing between you and your dreams?